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Collaboration with private sector companies

The Geological Survey of Estonia is offering an opportunity for companies to participate in joint research and development projects that concern future mineral resources.

One of the tasks for Geological Survey of Estonia is to prospect and explore mineral resources whose exploitation may become profitable when optimal valorisation technologies are developed. In order to perform this task we are analysing pre-existing data and a small scale drilling programme is planned in order to validate this data. At the moment we are focusing on three main targets - graptolitic argillite (Estonian black shale), mineralisation in the crystalline basement, and phosphate rock.

As the value from mineral resources is created when they are used economically and in accordance with environmental standards, we invite enterprises to participate in the early stages of future mineral resources exploration and exploitation studies.

If you are interested in contributing to aforementioned projects, please contact the head of our  Department of Geological Resources Tiit Kaasik (

Principles of collaboration

  • Collaboration must be consistent with strategic objectives of the state and the Geological Survey of Estonia and contribute to achieving them.
  • Collaboration must take place in mutual interests to achieve common coals.
  • Partnership activities should be defensible in terms of objective scientific judgement.
  • Partner companies and information on agreed activities will be made publicly available by the Geological Survey of Estonia.
  • The Geological Survey of Estonia is a national authority administered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. Its task is to represent the state in conducting geological research and exploration, to preserve and provide geological information, to advise governmental agencies, and to inform the public. We assume that all data and knowledge acquired in collaboration with companies is public.
  • Partners will gain no priority rights to possible future development projects.
  • No partnership activity may be construed as an Geological Survey of Estonia endorsement of any product or service of a private sector partner, nor is it allowed to use the fact of collaboration to promote products and services.
  • We assume clear responsibilities and accountability from all partners.
  • Signed partnership agreement is required for collaboration. The Geological survey of Estonia will not enter into an agreement with one or more partners if it excludes the right to negotiate a similar arrangement with other partners.
Last updated: 4 June 2019